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I love Art Nouveau, but it can be real trippy sometimes.

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This city life: Do High-Rise Towers Destroy Community?



My old condo building (centre)

When I first moved into a high-rise condo tower in Downtown Vancouver several years ago, I remember my excitement at being able to enjoy great views of the city, a central location close to transit, and access to a pool, gym and sauna - just an elevator trip…


Shizuoka International Garden - Kengo Kuma and Associates

untitled on Flickr.SANAA. Shibaura House. By jendileau.
September 2012.
Manhattan Micro-loft.
Specht Harpman Architects.


Architectural Density in Hong Kong

With seven million people, Hong Kong is the 4th most densely populated places in the world. However, plain numbers never tell the full story. In his ‘Architecture of Density’ photo series, German photographer Michael Wolf explores the jaw-dropping urban landscapes of Hong Kong. He rids his photographs of any context, removing any sky or horizon line from the frame and flattening the space until it becomes a relentless abstraction of urban expansion, with no escape for the viewer’s eye. Infinite and haunting.

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